Avoid diesel bugs and bacteria in your boat’s fuel tank

Do you have water and bacteria in your fuel tank? GoFilter allows you to deal with diesel bugs while on the water!

The reliable fuel-polishing system for motorboats

Be aware: Water and contaminants in your fuel tank can lead to diesel bugs infesting your boat!

Ever heard of diesel bugs before? Unfortunately they’re not just a fisherman’s tale—but rather a serious threat to your motorboat. If diesel remains unused in a fuel tank for a long period of time, then it can become unstable—its consistency changes and contaminants begin to accumulate that can have a very damaging effect on both inboard and outboard motors as well as the fuel tank and the overall fuel system. Although additives can mitigate the effect to some extent, after a certain period the additives themselves can contribute to the diesel bug spreading throughout your boat’s system.

How do diesel bugs come to contaminate a boat’s fuel system?

The diesel used to fuel boats nowadays is not 100% comprised of mineral oils: a certain percentage is comprised of additives, synthetic lubricants, as well as biodiesel. Alongside the condensation that accumulates in almost every fuel tank, these substances form a dangerous combination—because they create an ideal “aqueous environment” for bacteria, mildew, and yeast fungi to proliferate. As a result, a film comprised of diesel bacteria, organic residue, and by-products of the chemical additives forms on top of your fuel. This can mean that your fuel begins to clump and become more viscous. This initially becomes evident through a reduction in performance, as it means that less diesel is able to flow into your engine. In the longer term, however, some of your boat’s components, such as its injection nozzles or diesel filters, can become jammed up, damaged, or even rendered completely inoperable. Your system is now completely infested with a diesel bug.

Separating diesel from water and avoiding diesel bacteria—how does it work?

Thankfully, you aren’t on your own in your battle against water contaminating your diesel and bacterial growth: GoFilter provides you with an effective on-board method to remove water from your diesel and filter out both organic and chemical contaminants—even if your boat has been anchored and unused for long periods.

GoFilter—your reliable fuel-polishing system

With our easy-to-use and compact fuel-polishing system you can make impure diesel on your boat a thing of the past—and instead be able to rely on optimal fuel quality without expensive maintenance costs and annoying situations in which your motor won’t start. Our high-quality components are optimized to work together and tailored to meet the needs of your boat. GoFilter’s fuel-polishing system is powered by your boat’s on-board electrical system and can be programmed to regularly perform cleaning cycles.

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GoFilter GmbH, based in Werder (Havel), creates fuel-polishing systems by hand. We place great importance on components that are optimized to suit to each customer’s need, alongside precisely configured (and tailored) specifications and a robust manufacturing method that guarantees a long lifespan for our products.
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