Effectively filter and clean your boat’s fuel

GoFilter: Always clean fuel, always ready for use.

GoFilter fuel-polishing systems: for a reliable boating experience

GoFilter: Filter out contaminants from your fuel to prevent damage to your engine.

A day out on your boat is a special kind of freedom. Don’t let such an experience be ruined by the presence of water condensation or bacteria in your boat’s fuel: GoFilter’s products will help you keep your fuel tank clean—tailored specifically to the capacity of your onboard/outboard motor—and means you won’t have to worry about engine damage or related maintenance costs.

Our hand-assembled fuel-polishing systems are designed to provide your boat with an upgrade that will ensure optimal fuel quality when it comes to both petrol- and diesel-powered engines, irrespective of how often you choose to use your boat.

Fuel-polishing systems for boats

Filtration systems for petrol engines

Water infiltration issues or bacteria within your fuel? GoFilter will allow you to simply get rid of such issues and prevent damage to your boat’s engine.

Filtration systems for diesel engines

With GoFilter, you can forget diesel contamination and condensation in your diesel tank: our products polish your fuel, along with the engine itself!

Automatic fuel-polishing with GoFilter: the benefits

Do you have an external fuel-filtering system at the docks, use fuel additives with limited effectiveness, or have a sophisticated system you’ve built yourself? You don’t need any of that any more—GoFilter perfectly fulfils its singular key purpose: keeping your fuel effectively and consistently clean.

Cleaner fuel

GoFilter removes bacteria, water, and other unwanted matter from boat fuel—both in the engine itself as well as in the fuel tank and other components.

Greater Reliability

Using a GoFilter fuel-polishing system means a boat’s engine starting up more reliably—even after a long period of inactivity.

Greater Longevity

GoFilter’s fuel-filtering system also assists in giving your boat’s engine greater longevity—helping it retain its value.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With GoFilter, you’ll avoid the maintenance costs and outages that can arise as the result of the use of contaminated fuel—as well as the need to undertake manual engine cleaning.

Intuitive Operation

GoFilter products are easy to use and filter your fuel automatically—either at regular intervals or whenever you wish. 

Straightforward Upgrading/Retrofitting

GoFilter’s compact fuel filtration systems are suitable for both diesel- and petrol-powered boat engines—and are easy to install.

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GoFilter: Simply the cleaner alternative.

GoFilter GmbH, based in Werder (Havel), creates fuel-polishing systems by hand. We place great importance on components that are optimized to suit to each customer’s need, alongside precisely configured (and tailored) specifications and a robust manufacturing method that guarantees a long lifespan for our products.
Whether boating is a passionate hobby or boats are simply a part of your job: our products ensure that you are happier on your boat for longer.